Urghhh FNL re watch.
So I dedcided to start an FNL re watch because a bunch of shows are on hiatus right now. Matty Saracen is just the cutest. That is all.

So Long Chuck
How perfect was that series finale, seriously. I think it was probably the most wholly satisfying series finale I've ever watched.

I loved the whole concept of Sarah losing her memory and Chuck trying to make her fall in love with him again because it usually annoys me when TV shows give the obligatory flashback memoriam in the final episode, but I liked this because they found a way to make it part of the narrative whilst also paying homage to what they'd done before and i just loved it.

The ending was perfect too, I really don't understand the people out there hating on it, I mean I get that it's left open ended but they made the point of showing throughout the episode that there were little memories that she was getting back so obviously she was going to remember eventually and the fact that she was falling for him again without all the memories was perfect and a great way to end the series because their relationship was always the focal point for me so I'm glad that at the end of it all they went back to that.

Also Jeffsters final performance was BRILLIANT!

I'll miss ya Chuck, but thanks for the 5 great years.


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